Nenad Markuš

I am a computer-vision engineer/scientist living in Zagreb, Croatia.

In the past, I was employed as a teaching/research assistant at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (part of the University of Zagreb) and at Microblink Ltd. Nowadays I work as a freelancer.

This website contains basic info about myself, my research interests and links to some of my projects.

Enjoy your stay.


During my university years, I did research, R&D and consulting in the following areas:

At Microblink, I mainly worked on problems in vision-based document processing/recognition/retrieval on mobile platforms.

However, I am interested in a variety of topics in machine learning, computer vision and computer graphics, and plan to do research in these areas as well.

Selected publications

N. Markuš, I. S. Pandžić, J. Ahlberg
Learning Local Descriptors by Optimizing the Keypoint-Correspondence Criterion: Applications to Face Matching, Learning from Unlabeled Videos and 3D-Shape Retrieval, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 2019

N. Markuš, I. Gogić, I. S. Pandžić, J. Ahlberg
Memory-Efficient Global Refinement of Decision-Tree Ensembles and its Application to Face Alignment, BMVC 2018

N. Markuš, M. Fratarcangeli, I. S. Pandžić, J. Ahlberg
Fast Rendering of Image Mosaics and ASCII Art, Computer Graphics Forum, 2015

N. Markuš, M. Frljak, I. S. Pandžić, J. Ahlberg, R. Forchheimer
Eye pupil localization with an ensemble of randomized trees, Pattern Recognition, 2014

N. Markuš, M. Frljak, I. S. Pandžić, J. Ahlberg, R. Forchheimer
Object Detection with Pixel Intensity Comparisons Organized in Decision Trees, technical report, 2013

Research notes/posts

I also sometimes post research notes about things that I find interesting. You can read these notes here.

Projects and code

Please visit my github page.


My most popular contribution to the open-source community is pico, a minimalistic face-detection engine suitable for deployment on mobile devices and embedded hardware. The core algorithm behind pico was developed during my PhD studies. Nowadays it is deployed on millions of devices, in both commercial and non-commercial projects.

There's also an implementation in JavaScript: picojs.

The open-source community has made several reimplementations of pico. The most popular one being probably pigo.


A tiny, in-browser CAD tool which enables you to specify 3D models by writting JavaScript code.

An in-browser demo is available at The code can be found on GitHub:


You can reach me at